🌏 Located remotely (hiring from UTC -5 to UTC +2)

💸 Senior Engineer salary £95,000 💸 Staff Engineer salary £110,000

👋 Reporting to Jack Underwood, CEO and Co-founder

👯 Working in the Engineering team - (B2B and B2C)

👉 Application link → Web Engineer - Support Team

The job

This is the first position of its kind here at Circuit and, in typical start-up fashion, this is a broad role where you will tackle a whole range of technical problems. With a mix of pre-sales and second-line tech support, you’ll directly resolve ~50% of bugs that cross your desk and triage the rest, so you will need a lot of customer support experience, engineering experience, and problem-solving skills.

As the first and only member of our in-house support team, you will help shape the role and the division. In the long term and as we grow the team, there are leadership opportunities for the right person.

Want to know more?

We are fully remote

Our Co-founders are in different countries, and our team is spread across Europe, Brazil, and Canada. We don’t have a head office for you to visit, and we never will.

Flexible, asynchronous working

Gives us task flexibility and work-life balance. Work around your life and at the times you do your best work.

We are bootstrapped… and profitable

Without outside investment, we are free to make our own decisions.

Equity options for everyone

Work at Circuit for a minimum of one year, vests over 5 years.

Annual company performance bonus

Paid in January and pro-rated to your start date in your joining year.

£3000 every three years for a new laptop

You buy the laptop and claim back the cost - and it’s yours to keep.

£500 a year for new tech/home office

Need a new desk, chair, keyboard, or headphones? Build a space to do your best work.

32 days of paid holiday per year

You can use it whenever you like. Four weeks in one go, one day off (almost) every other week, or anything in between.

Annual team meet-ups in 5-star locations

We get together once a year as a team so that we can collaborate, get to know each other, and have fun!

Enhanced parental leave

16 weeks on full pay and up to 52 weeks in total. Through birth or adoption, we want to make sure you have the time and resources to welcome your new addition.

<aside> 💫 There is much more to tell you, but we can’t fit it all into one job advert! Check out our Public Handbook and Careers Page to see if we are right for you.


Who we are, what we do, and how it’s going

Back in 2017, we saw an issue with last-mile delivery - it was too complicated and stressful for drivers. Circuit started a mission to change that by choosing to develop an app that put the driver and their customers first.